Cake Topper

12 Feb

Angel Girl with miniature cupcakesGumpaste miniature cupcakes and cakeGumpaste miniature cupcakes and cake

 Working on a new idea for a cake I decided to use the miniature cupcakes and cake slices that you see others making out of polymer clay. Mine were made with gumpaste which is for sculpting figurines and other objects in Cake Decorating and are food safe. These were alot of fun to make and my kids thought they were real. My mind is on over load now with all the ideas I could use them for, with different cake themes. It’s quite amazing when you  have to do a special event cake and you cannot come up with any ideas at all. Then other times your mind is just flooded with idea. I guess it’s that feast or famine thing! People have little black books, I have a little pink book for writing all my cake ideas in. When an idea comes I have to write it down, there have been times when I was being lazy and thought, ole I will write it down later, yeah right! I knew better than that. Needless to say I have never recalled those particular ideas that came to my mind, so now when an idea lands into my thinking, it gets written in my little pink book. Now the issue is getting the time to bring all those ideas to life…


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