My How To Video’s for Cake Decorating on You Tube!

13 Apr

I finally got a few of my how-to videos added to you tube. They are a three part series of how to create a mouse figurine out of fondant or gumpaste whichever works best for you. I have added these videos just to the right of my blog —————> and all you need to do to view them is click on the picture and you can watch the video right from my blog, how cool is that!! I will be adding some others in the near future, and my next one will be how to create the spotted puppy some of you may have seen in my photos. I also plan to do some how-to video’s of icing a cake, filling a cake, then covering with fondant. Then I will also do some that show how to make particular cakes such as, possibly a gift box cake, how to make a gumpaste high heeled shoe,  making tiered cakes and so on. So make sure you check back often I will make sure to add the videos to my video pod here on my blog. If there are certain things in cake decorating that you would like me to consider making into a how-to in the future be sure to let me know by leaving me a comment and I will see what I can do. My website is almost complete and I will have a page devoted to how-to’s for those interested in cake decorating and I also plan on doing giveaways on my website so you will want to check that out when it is up and running, of course I will announce on here when it is up and running. Thats all for now, until the next time Happy Creating!!!


One Response to “My How To Video’s for Cake Decorating on You Tube!”

  1. stacey September 23, 2008 at 7:37 pm #

    hi Donna
    have seen a few utube
    videos about making
    rose etc but u r the
    best your work is very
    neat creative and
    professional lookin
    frwd to more great
    videosfrom you. stacey

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