Cake Topper- Little Mary Reading her Book in bed with her Puppies

30 Jun

Little Mary Reading in Bed, Close up of the writing in the book



Little Mary in Bed Reading


Mary in her bed reading with her puppies

This is a cake topper that I sculpted from Gum Paste for an upcoming birthday cake for a young girl. I call the little girl in the cake topper Mary and she is reading a book about cats, her puppies are in the bed with her and they are all looking at a cat who has just entered the room.

I enjoy creating cake toppers that you do not see everyday, and most importantly to me I want them to tell a story. The nice thing is that these cake toppers can be saved because they are created using gum paste which does harden as time goes by. Gum paste is great on cake because it is edible, not like clay or other materials that you see people using. Gum paste is really just sugar and if it gets wet will get very soggy. I have had people who have put their cake toppers in a glass dome and have saved them as a keepsake.

If you are one of those people who are like myself and love to work with sugar art, I am in the process of creating videos that will show those who are interested in making these very cake toppers how to sculpt their own for cakes and such. The sky is the limit as to what you can do with gum paste (sugar dough) and the nice thing is that you can design it around a story or the person for whom its being created for.


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