What’s in my Cake Decorating Bag?

7 Aug

What’s in my cake decorating bag is a new weekly post that I will be doing that will introduce you to different kinds of cake decorating tools that I use on a regular basis. I will explain what the tool is, what the tool does and most importantly where you can buy that particular tool. Some of the tools that I will be sharing with you are not traditional cake decorating tools, they are everyday items that I have adapted for using in cake decorating.

I remember when I first got started I was so clueless about most of the tools on the market. I bought many of them and they sat in a drawer for months. I had never ending guilt trips take over my mind because I felt that I was wasting money by not using the tools that were just collecting dust. The reason the tools sat in a drawer was because I did not know how to use them. There have been times that I have asked other cake decorators how to do different things and they flat out said that they don’t share their cake decorating info with anyone.  So alot of what I have learned has been trial and error. I have done some of the craziest things let me tell ya. But I want to make sure you know as much as possible about the different kinds of cake decorating tools that are available so that you will not be like I was and most importantly will be well informed about all aspects of cake decorating.

Ok, the first tool I am gong to cover this week is a Rubber Tipped ModelingTool which is usually used in working with clay however it is awesome when working with gumpste and fondant! It is one of my most favorite tools in my cake decorating bag. I use them when working with fondant/gumpaste on my figurines and they are great for getting to very small areas. There are several different types of Rubber Tipped Modeling Tools on the market.

The first one which is my favorite one is called a Taper Tool. It is a pointed rubber tip that I use to create noses on my figurines, to get in between the fingers on my figurines, to get into small detailed areas on cakes and cookies. I also use this tool when making gumpaste flowers to seperate petals, to create impression marks and so on.

The second one is called a Flat chisel tool and it is great for pressing fondant peices together, to make mouths on my figurines, and differnt little details on gumpaste flowers.

The third one is called a Cup Round and I use it to make eyes, and ears on my figurines as well as many other details on my figurines.

The fourth one is called an Angle Chisel and I use it to make the fingers and toes on my figurines as well as the eyes sometimes and also its great for making the creases in the clothing on figurines to make them look more lfelike.

The fifth one is the Cup Chisel and it is perfect for making lips, adding details to the hands and ears on figurines. As well as other small impression details on cakes.

All of these tools are available at Misterart.com and they come in 3 different sizes

The Rubber Tipped Tools range in price from $4-8.00 at misterart.com

Size 0 (small) is approximately 1/4 in. in diameter
Size 2 (medium) is approximately 3/16 in. in diameter
Size 6 (large) is approximately 5/16 in. in diameter

I have purchaed one of each size and I must say the size that works the best for gumpaste/fondant is the size 0 they are small enough to provide all the details that you will want to add to your figurines, cakes and cookies.Perfect for the smal details on Gumpaste/fondant Figurines


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