My Latest Gumpaste Figurine Family

8 Aug
My Latest Gumpaste Figurine Family

My Latest Gumpaste Figurine Family


Here are my latest figurines that I made for a girl who was makng a cake that was a pickup truck and she wanted figurines to represent her, her huband and sister in law. Each person is sitting on something that they enjoy in life such as the case of Heineken Beer, The Hershey Box and the Tiffany Ring Box. Each of the figurines were custom made so that they could be seated in the back of her pickup truck cake. Pretty cool idea I must say. Not my idea but hers!! These were alot of fun to make. I wanted each person to show their own individual personality. I even made sure the 2 girls fingernails were painted red. Gumpaste is so fun to work with once you get the hang of it there are just soo many things that you can make. How you all have had a great week talk to you soon!!



One Response to “My Latest Gumpaste Figurine Family”

  1. Betty August 12, 2008 at 1:46 am #

    Your figures are just adorable. I love to do cakes but I don’t do many figures. I have just found your blog, so I will check out your other enteries, bookmark & return to see more.

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