And The Winners to The Free Giveaway ARE

28 Aug

First off I want to thank EVERYONE who entered the giveaway. I want all of you to know if I could, I would have given everyone a free gift that is just the way that I am however thats just not possible. I do want each one of you to know that I really do appreciate the time that you take out of your schedule to stop by my site I know everyone is busy so I feel honored you all have visited me!!! If you did not win this time please do not get discouraged, I plan to do giveaways regularly and always post it here before and when the giveaway begins. So please be sure to stop back by for a visit I love meeting all of you!!!


Ok, I am done rambling on, you know I am one of those people who loves to talk, lol!!

The Winners are:

Jackie from Montreal #130 – The Fondant Starter Package, The bonus that comes with it is a leaf veiner!

Lauren #125- 30 minute Phone Call from Donna

Just for fun I have decided to give away 2 bonus phone calls

Sue # 119 – Bonus Phone Call from Donna

Melissa #107 – Bonus Pnone Call from Donna

I will contact the winners by email later in the day, congratulations!


One Response to “And The Winners to The Free Giveaway ARE”

  1. Melissa September 9, 2008 at 12:08 pm #

    I wanted to thank Donna again for the phone call. I received LOTS of tips/ideas from her. Thank you Donna for sharing with me. I am looking forward to your website!!

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