New Video and Cake Topper Website

29 Sep

Hey There Sugar Buddies

I know it has been silent here for the past week, I have been very busy working on a video of my cake topper of the little girl in bed reading with her puppies, it will be available for purchase just as soon as it is finished with editing, I have a new website that just went live that is just about my cake toppers, and is where I will be selling videos and tutorials of some of my more populars cakes and toppers.

My cake Topper with the little girl reading in her bed was a huge hit and after many requests I decided to do a step by step video for those of you who would like to learn to make one yourself. I will warn you it is a very long video with many steps involved however when finished its worth it. I am also putting together a tutorial of how to make the little pink car with the people in it for those who would like to learn to make that topper. They are both alot of fun and can be changed here and there to add your own little touches to them. The website that I am selling my videos and tutorials on is not completely finished however it is live if you would like to check it out. All the basics are there. When the video and tutorial is finished I will be sure to let you know and they will be available to purchase on that site.

Just so that you know this new website is NOT the website that I have been talking about here on my blog that will be a virtual online cake decorating class. This new site is just a place for those people that have been asking me to sell my cake toppers as well as video’s and tutorials. The reason that site is finished and not the one I have been yacking about is becasue this new one was very small and simple. The other website is a major undertaking but you will all be glad to know that things are going great with no major issues. I will be the happiest lady in the world when that one is finished so we can all get the community started and get down to some learning and decorating!!!

The website address for the video and tutorails is at just remember there are no videos or tutorials for sale on there just yet but will be very soon!!



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