A weekend of family, food and of course Cake

19 Oct

Ohh what a weekend I had,  


 it was one of those weekends that will be forever etched in your memories!! Friday night began with the myself, my hubby and his mother attending the last home, high school football game. There is nothing like bundling up and sitting outside on a chilly fall night. I LOVE the fall season, it reminds me of family. My son plays drums in the high school band so we attend to watch his performances and we love them, he really is all that I must say! 

Saturday morning my son was to perform at the Smokey Bones Restaurant so off we went to watch and of course have a little food in the meantime. It was a great time the entire band which is about 150 members filling the isles of the restaurant and playing all thier songs. We sat with a family that we had met at the football ,the mom of a another band member and her parents and we had the best time with them they really made the afternoon a great experience, we hope to meet up with them again in the future since they are such awesome people.

Back home to finish up a cake that was just supposed to be S I M P L E, however…. I just cannot bake a cake and throw some icing on it. The cake was to be for a small family get together that my cousin and I threw together in about a day.  We like to all get together before the snow starts to fly here in Ohio. I finished the cake and we all head over to my cousin Sue’s house for some great food and great stories..My Aunt Sue, who is one of the best cooks out did herself as always with her baked macaroni just like grandma used to bake when she was here with us. Ohh and the no bake cookies, OMG they are the best. Not only did she bring chocolate this year but peanut butter, Oh how I loves my peanut butter!!! I just had to sneak a few to take home for myself, shh don’t tell anyone that I stuck a bag of no-bakes in my purse.

I have to share a little story about fondant with you, alot of people do not like fondant but I now have my own personal fondant spokeperson, he is a year old… My cousins baby!!  When he saw the cake his little hands went straight for the cake with his eyes were ready to pop out… It was sooo cute, I made the little pumpkins out of fondant and those pumpkins were all he wanted, so we gave him one, and his eyes got bigger as he ate it whole. A few minutes later he walked over to the cake and started mumbling and pointing at the pumpkins so I gave him another and he just loved it. As the night went on he started working the crowd, whenever someone walked by the cake he would stand there and point to the pumkins and they would give him one. my cousin finally said thats it no more, he will be up alll night!! I thought it was the cutest thing I ever saw I never saw anyone want fondant so much, I will be hiring him, lol…..I did wrap up the rest of the little pumpkins so my cousin could take them home for him. I am sure this afternoon he is still eating pumpkins. Needless to say we had the best night and lots of laughs even some at my expense since I seem to have blond moments and I am not really a blond at all, just a highlighted blond, lol. The cake I did was a sheetcake that I decorated to look like a halloween theme, I did not work very hard to make it perfect after all it was supposed to be simple, I was happy with it and the family LOVED my icing.

I want to let Sue, Tammy, Ronda, Aunt Sue, Dave, Aunt Char, Tonya, My Mother Nancy, my hubby Jeff, my brother Tommy, Shelly, Kelly, Bre, and my little fondant spokesbaby Braidon all know I had the best time with them and I am sooo grateful for all the memories we created last night together.

Aunt Sue, a special thanks for the awesome food as always and the peanut butter no-bakes are a big do-over…. and most of all I love you!!

Aunt Char and Tonya, its always so fun to get together and chat we always have a blast. Char you are the best!

Sue, love the new house it is BEAUTIFUL, love you and thanks for always being there for me!!

My baby brother Tommy, I am soo grateful to have you in my life you are the BEST brother in the world!!

Kelly, I will figure out a special cake for your birthday!!

Ronda as always you crack me up!

Tammy, you know you are the sweest cousin I have and you are soo funny!!

To my Aunt Patty, this was the first get together we have had without you since your passing, you will always be in our hearts, we all miss you soooo much. We know you were watching from above with grandma who I would give anything to talk to.

I am so sorry to have rambled on so much, but each year I get older I realize more and more just how important my family is and I am so grateful for every moment we have together as well as the memories we all share.


4 Responses to “A weekend of family, food and of course Cake”

  1. Donna Lane October 23, 2008 at 11:33 pm #


    Thanks for letting me know however I am glad you shared them, they were awesome!!!

  2. mchevelle October 23, 2008 at 1:03 am #

    Hi Donna, thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Just have to clear up that I didn’t make those scrumptious cookies and cupcakes. I only read about them & thought they were so pretty – I had to share it! 🙂

  3. Donna Lane October 22, 2008 at 2:46 am #

    ohh Angela if I lived near you I would be right over and we could go sit on the deck and have some hot chocolate and just talk since we seem to do that sooo well. I am so with you on the fall thing, gosh there is nothing like it. I can’t wait til friday nights football game so me, hubby and our friends can sit outside in the football stands all snuggled together eating hotdogs and drinking hot chocolate. Well until then its back to website work, I am doing soo well getting things accomplished here in my world, talk to you soon!!!!

  4. Angela October 22, 2008 at 2:05 am #

    How wonderful it all sounds! My younger cousins love fondant too. LOL My husband will fight people over no bake oatmeal cookies! Not really, but he does tend to hide half a batch or so if company comes over. 🙂
    I ‘know’ you’ll find this hard to believe, but fall is my favorite time of year too! LOL My daughter and I went out to the sparce woods behind our house and built a small campfire just to roast a few marshmallows. I love the smells outside right now – the crisp air and fresh falling leaves. Makes me want to grab some coffee and go sit on the deck right now!

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