My newest Sugar Topper Lizzy

4 Nov

This cake topper was created with fondant. I did her last month but just got the time to finally take a picture of her, I thnk she is soo cute! I wanted to create her with a little girls dress with a large bow that ties in the back. I put a large flower on the front of her dress to complete the look. I have never done a figurine in black and white clothing and I must say it turned out pretty good, I usually like to use alot of color and things on them, so this was a little change from the norm for me but I am happy with the look. I have named this little girl Lizzy, I like to name my figurines since they require so much time to create, and once completed each and everyone I have done seems to take on a personality of their own.  Once finished with each one I look at them and it seems as though instantly a name comes to mind. Later down the road I guess it will help me to remember the different ones I have created. I hope you enjoy meeting my newest sugar figurine Lizzy!

lizzy-the-girl fondant figurine by donna lane


One Response to “My newest Sugar Topper Lizzy”

  1. Angela November 9, 2008 at 3:20 am #

    Love the hair-do! You didn’t tell me you were a hair dresser too! LOL I’m sure her sugar hair was easier to work with than a real little girl’s hair. No tears or screaming about tangles!
    I like the daisy on the front too. I’m still in awe of your skills working with the tiny details.
    Take care!

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