Update on the New Website!

10 Nov

Hello all my sugar friends out there. I know It has been quiet here on the blog front lately, but just know that its because I am busy working on new videos and the new website. Things are moving right along, and I am trying my best to get the new site done ASAP! The new site is finally completely built, thanks to help from the greatest web host, designer and business man in the world and he is James Maduk of http://www.mysmallbizu.com/?r=dlane626 . If you ever need webhosting or help building a site he is the person to go to. He is sooo knowledgeable about everything to deal with websites, internet business and so on. So I am now in the process now of adding all the content such as typing the articles, adding the videos, building the store and laying out all the rooms! So it will not be long now, but that will take time as well since I am unable to work on is 24/7 but I am doing all that I can to keep moving forward.

I will share a few things with you to give you an idea of how I designed the site with all of you in mind. I have received lots of emails with ideas from many of you who are planning to become a member of the new website and I want to thank you ALL who have cared enough to provide your valuable feedback to me. When I first came up with ths idea back in June I planned just  to create videos and tutorials to help others out there who were like myself, wanting to learn all their is to know about cake decorating. But then things began to evolve here on my site and I noticed that their were soo many people out there who have already taken classes, those who know the basics of cake decorating but were strugging with many questions and problems that they are dealing with on a daily basis. What I realized is that there were soo many who needed a place to go to that would provide them with support and help. So I began to change my plans and ideas I had for the website. In building this new site it would have been much easier to just do videos and tutorials. But I decided that I wanted to design a website for the people, not for my own gratification. I plan to still provide the members with a place to learn anything there is to learn about cake decorating, cupcakes, cookies and so on, however I intend to create a community that will offer support and help you with any struggles that you may be having. I will be a huge part of the site myself. I have never confessed to know it all in regards to cake decorating but what I do know I am willing to offer to my members. This I feel is more needed than anything because, you can know all there is about a subject but if you do not have support to help you along the way as you encounter problems and what not then that knowledge that you have becomes useless to you. I want to see each and every member become the best that they can be at what they do.

The new site is located at www.cakedecoratingwithdonna.com The front page is laid out however it is not ready just yet,  but is there in its basic form.

Many are very excited about the site, and you know that I am beside myself wanting to get this all finished and ready to go for all of you. I get many questions so I will share some of how I designed the basic layout of the site with you. What I decided to do Is design the site just as if it were a school building.

I started with the rooms just like in a school. There is a room for each subect such as the,

Baking Room

Icing Room

Cookie Rm

Cupcake Room

Fondant room

Sugar Flower Room

Recipe Room

How to video Room

How to Tutorial Room

Contests and Giveaways


Photo Gallery

Each one of these rooms will have the info regarding that particular subject, ideas, tips and so much more.

Like I said we are going to have online live webcasts so that you can watch live as I demonstrate a technique and during the webcast you can chat with others. It is going to be awesome!

Most of all I want us to have fun, isn’t that what cake decorating is really all about?

There is so much more to all of this, however it would take all day to give you the details. I just wanted to let you know where we are at this point. I may be a little silent here in the coming weeks but just know its because I am trying to get things all setup over at the other site. I will also be keeping this site going for those who are not intersted in joining the new site so not to worry.

Thanks for always listening to my ramblings.



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