How to add Stictching to your Fondant covered Cakes

1 Feb

There are many differnt cake designs that require stitching to give them that wow factor. Many have asked me how do I do the stitching on my cakes. What do I use to get this effect on my Fondant covered Cakes. So I thought I would share how I do this and what I use!

I use 2 different tools depending upon which effect I need for a particular design.

The first is a Fondant impression Roller that comes with three detachable wheels-straight, wavy and ridged-for cutting and for embossing of patterns on fondant. Light, easy-rolling design cuts at the perfect angle.

To create designs in fondant!

1. To cut strips, attach the straight-edge cutting wheel of the Cutter/ Embosser-just snap the axle into the handle slot. Roll out fondant on the Roll & Cut Mat using grid marks to determine width. Roll the wheel along a ruler to cut perfect strips.  A fondant covered purse cake is one example of what kind of cake that would require stiching to replicate the  thread stiching and the zipper area. there are many other designs that  may need the stiching and there are many other instances in which stiching cam be used on a cake.

2. For stitching, attach the ridged wheel . Roll wheel along the area of your cake that you need the stitching to appear.
3. The 3 wheels create great-looking dots or waves to give your fondant cake a great texture and look!
Remove your strips from the mat with an angled spatula so that you don’t mess them up when picking up!
The fondant embosser wheel can be purchased at, and many other online stores and are usually under $5.00- which is not bad for such a great cake decorating tool!
fondant embosser
fondant embosser
The other tool that I use is a sewing wheel (sometimes called a tracing wheel) it will do the exact same thing however it is thinner and has pointed ends so it gives you a different look. Either tool works beautifully on fondant. It just comes down to what look you want to acheive on your cake!! The sewing wheel is available in most sewing departments of Joann’s and other department stores.

2 Responses to “How to add Stictching to your Fondant covered Cakes”

  1. Lou Ann Rousseau August 8, 2010 at 9:14 pm #

    Thank you so much for the information….i am attempting my first purse cake within the next couple of weeks and was wondering if i used the wheel if it would stretch out once i lifted it to put on the cake….you answered my question by using the spatula….thanks again

  2. Lily wong February 27, 2009 at 5:32 am #

    Thank you soooooo much for sharing your knowledge. Karma will be on your side. Thank you!!!!!

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