Saying Hello and a Few Updates!

10 Feb

Hello Sugar Friends,

I just wanted to take a minute and say hello to all of you, I know I have been very silent here, however I am never truly silent in my life, lol.  Things have been sooo crazy trying to get things ready for the Grand Opening on Feb. 15th over at . I want to thank each and everyone of you for your support. You are all the best and I appreciate each and everyone of you. I feel like you are all a part of my family. I have not had the chance to do very many cakes and such lately because I have been doing nothing but typing and updating the other site. Once we have the grand opening and things get settled I plan to come back home here to the sugar lane. I feel like I have been missing out on so much over here and I apologize to all of you. I get your emails, and love them all. You guys are so great and you know that I love all of your stories and answering your questions. 

Many of you have came over and visited at the new site them emailed me to let me know what you think and I apreciate that more than you will ever know!!!!! I don’t know if you all remember, but you were all the ones that got me thinking about creating the new site and without your ideas and encouragement I could have never gotten this far. It has been a very long 6 months but is worth all the long nights and at times a world that was very lonely. But I know in the end this was the right step for my life.  I feel so strong about helping those of you who are just getting started in cake decorating but have no way of learning. Yes, this site is great but is very linited on what I can do to help you and give you the support you need as you begin your journey into the world cake decorating.

My cake decorating journey began just a little over a year ago so I know the excitement that comes when you get started and those feelings of not being able to learn enough. There is no greater feeling when you create a cake that has your family thinking you are quite the sugar artist and with each cake it get better and better. I love cake decorating, people have asked me many times, well how can you get so much enjoyment out of something that is destroyed in minutes. I guess I would have to say its the entire process that just makes my day. From the idea stages of a cake to figuring out how to take those ideas in your head and making them come alive in the form of an edible work of art that tells alot about who you are as a sugar artist. Then the best part is when you share that work of art with others and all the compliments that come with it. I can look at a picture of a cake that I created over a year ago and remember the event it was for, all the issues I had with it, and the long nights that it took to create and there is something about those memories that get you excited about the next project, then before you know it you have accomplished something in your life that you never could have imagined yourself doing. It really is a true gift to be able to create cakes that start with an idea and come to life right before your very eyes.

I have noticed something since starting cake decorating that I have never noticed in my 39 yrs of life, and that is the connection that cake decorators all seem to share it is like a little world within a world. I have met some of the greatest people in the world that have impacted my life so much. I have never met the majority of these people that I talk with through email.  I have come to form some great relationships that I hope to have for the rest of my life. One of those people is Angela M. her and I have spoken on the phone at times and you would think that we have known one another for years. She is a great person and has really added to my life. I will never forget one of our phone conversations we had it was surreal, she just had the right words at the right time that helped me through a very tough day I was having. I so appreciate her friendship.  There is another lady, her name is Moreen P.  she  is a member of a website that I am a member of.  I had never really talked with her but from time to time she would compliment me on my sugar sculpting skills. She was the first person to purchase my reading in bed dvd and since that time we have become the bestest friends and I cannot imagine my life without her. She is the most selfless person I have ever known and I have since become to really reley on her advice. Here was a lady that had never spoken to me on the phone and let alone meet me in person and she was  there to lend an ear when no one around me could understand what I was going through over the past few months. She is one of those people in life that understands my thinking and the way I operate.  Both of these ladies have a place in my heart forever! I want to thank you both  for the huge impact you have made on my life and all the rest of you that have also added soo much to my life on a daily basis and you all know who you are. I thank God for each and everyone of you!!!! I look forward to all the great friends I have yet to make and friendships that will form from my life as a cake decorator. When you really think about it life is nothing without your friends and family, they are the ones that are always there for you even during the ugly times that we all face in life, they are the ones that put up with our attitudes and crazy mood swings that change sometimes like the winds do. Make sure to take the time to let the friends in your life know how special they are and thank them for being there for you!! If you are just getting started in cake decorating you are about to see what I am talking about because you will come to meet some of the greatest people in the world.

Well I have talked enough for now, just thought I would say hello and share a little from my heart with all of you! Thanks for everything!!




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