Meet my newest Gumpaste Puppy Named Scuddles

21 Apr

Hello Sugar Friends

I wanted to share my newest gumpaste spotted puppy complete with her very own gumpaste dog bones, ohh she is just soo cute isn’t she??

My puppy’s name is Scuddles and she is very happy to meet you!!

To Add Blush to Your Figurines  Many have asked so here is how I do the blush on the cheeks of my figurines…. when you are creating figurines and such you can add blush to the cheeks and create an adorable look.

All you need is a Pink Edible Marker…. which are available online and at many cake decorating stores,  just rub the tip of the marker on the tip of your finger and immediately use your finger to rub the coloring on the cheeks of your piece, now if you get too much on there, no problem!  Just use a damp paper towel to wipe it away and if you need to add a bit more repeat the above steps!!!

Members of are learning to create my little friend Scuddles the gumpaste puppy!! If you would like more information about becoming a member of  cdwd’s how-to website, so that you can learn to create your very own sugar figurines as well as the latest cake techniques such as designer purse cakes, etc…be sure to check it out!!!



Scuddles the Gumpaste Puppy

Scuddles the Gumpaste Puppy




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