How to make a Sculpted Dog House Cake with a Gum Paste Puppy…..

23 Jun

I recently created a Dog House Cake instead of the typical Dog in a dog house, I decided that it would make a great fathers day theme.

We have all heard the saying about Dad being in the Dog House! So I thought, wow…this would make a great cake theme and something that you don’t see everyday. This cake has quickly become very popular and is soo much fun to create.

 I thought I would share the how-to details for this cake!


Look at Dad’s face, he is not happy being in the Dog house, nor is the Dog he wants his house back! LOL


Supplies to create this cake!

Baked 11 x 15 cake


Fondant in white, blue, green

Gumpaste, white, black, tan, orange, flesh


Cookie Cutter

Tape measure

Brown food coloring



Ball tool

Veining tool


1). To get started you will need an 11 x 15 sheetcake cut into 4 squares then stacked and filled with buttercream. Then place the cake into the fridge for about 20 minutes to setup.

2). I sculpted the roof area of the cake by cutting small sections going down the sides of the first 2 layers of cake only, then I squared up the sides making them nice and straight.

3). Cover the entire cake with a thin coat of buttercream icing, make sure you smooth the butterceam out so it does not show through the fondant when its put on the cake

4).To  cover the entire cake in fondant….

5). Measure each side of the cake then cut out a piece of white fondant for each side of the house and the roof area as well.

               a). Before attaching the fondant to the cake, I used a knife to make lines going up and down on all of the wall pieces so that it would look like wood slats.

               b). Once you have done this then you can attach fondant to each side of the dog house cake.


6). The roof is the last area to cover in fondant and you will need to measure both sides of the roof so you will know the size of the fondant you will need…. you can use any color you would like for your roof. I also made lines in the fondant pieces for the roof before attching them to the cake.


7). Once all the fondant is on the cake use a knife to cut out a door area on the front of the dog house and put a piece of black fondant in the area, you can see eactly what I did by looking at the pics above.


8). You will need a brown food coloring (I used Wiltons dark  brown color), and a paintbrush. Put some food coloring in a small bowl with and then add water do this until you get the color you want to use to paint the dog house. Paint all the walls making sure to get the coloring into the cracks of the lines that you made with your knife it will help to make the walls look more like wood.


9). I used a house shaped cookie cutter to cut out a piece of gumpaste for my sign that said Happy Fathers Day, Dad your entitled to come out of the dog house for one night because of fathers day!

             a). I inserted a toothpick into the gumpaste house so it would stand up.

             b). Make a small ball of gumpaste to use as a stand to put your sign in but, let it harden up for several hours before putting the sign into it!


10). Create the grass by using green fondant rolled into long snake shapes and take a knife to make lots of small cuts in the fondant then place it up against the house.


11). Create a teardrop shape of fleash colored gumpaste to make the body for the dad figurine, then place it in the doorway area of the house.

         a). Roll a ball shape to create the head, you can attach the head to the body with water once you get the face all completed.

         b). For the arms roll of a long flesh coloered snake shape and cut in half, shape the ends smooth and use a knife to make the fingers,

        c). Make 2 holes with a ball tool or end of a paintbrush to create the eye sockets then place small ball of fondant in each socket.

        d). Roll a small ball of flash gumpaste to create the nose and attach, and do the same for the ears.

        e) To create the mouth I use the end of veining tool, or you can use the end of a icing tip to imprint a mouth.

        f). Roll out a small amount of black fondant and use water to attach to the head and use a knife to imprint lines to create the hair.g

       g). Use a black edible marker to fill in small circle shapes on the eyeballs, then make eyebrows just above the eyes.


12). To create the body for the puppy begin with a teardrop shape of gumpaste and do the same to create the head, just much smaller…then glue them together with water.

     a). Roll a small sausage shape to make the tail and attach to the dogs body.

     b). The eyes are done the same way as we did on the dad figurine above.

    c). For the ears on the puppy start with a flat circle of gumpaste and thin the edges with 2 fingers until you get the shape you are looking for.

    d). Roll a small ball of black gumpaste for the nose on the puppy

    e). To create the mouth on the puppy I used the veining tool  just like I did on the dad  

13). I used the same color gumpaste that I did the roof  in to create a large dog bone, start with a rectangle shape and use the end of a paintbrush to push inward at each end of the rectangle which will help to begin to shape your bone. Once the bone is all done I used small letter rubber stamps to imprint the words “Dads House” on the bone, then I used watet to attach the bone to the front of the dog house.

Thats it for the directions to complete this cake! I hope that you get a chance to create this cake…it can be modified to go with many other themes instead of Fathers Day.

Have Fun!!!





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