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Mini Purse Cakes, perfect for that Sweet Sixteen Party!

18 Nov

I recently made some miniature purse cakes for a how to video for my members on my website so I thought that you would like to see how they turned out!! I really had a great time making these they are not as tough as one may think to create however I will tell you they are very time consuming and once you have created some miniature cakes you will notice that they seem to take more time than a regular sized cake would have taken.

The nice thing it that you can create many different designs which are great if creating for a themed party, you could get very detailed for a Sweet Sixteen Party, omg how cute would that be. Most teen girls just love handbags and such so this is one idea that I could see being very popular for that sort of occasion.

Well I gotta run….. I will chat with you again very soon, I have some very cool Christmas Cake ideas that I am working on and will surely share them with all of you when they are all completed, until next time….you all have a caketasic week