Gumpaste Gingerbread Man Figurine

2 Dec

Baking Gumpaste Gingerbread Man Figurine

With Christmas just around the corner I have been creating some Holiday Gumpaste Figurines and this baking gingerbread man is one of my first ones this season….I created a grey cookie sheet and used a pastry tip to cut out the round gumpaste cookies and a miniature flower blossom to create little gingerbread cookies….to create the icing for the gumpaste cookies I took gumpaste and tore it in small pieces then added water to it to create a look of royal icing for my gumpaste cookies. The sprinkles were the real sprinkles that you would use on real cookies, I had the best time with the gumpaste cookies I have always loves creating miniatures since I started working with fondant and gumpaste so they were alot of fun!!!


I have a dvd coming out very soon that will take you through the steps to create a Gumpaste Santa, the Gingerbread Man below and an Elf that is nothing but adorable…When the dvd is available the information will be posted here on my blog.



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