Sugar Cookie Christmas Scene makes a great Centerpiece for the Holidays

8 Dec

I taught my members how to create this Sugar Cookie Scene Centerpiece during one of my live web classes recently for my cake decorating friends over at

I baked 2 large square sugar cookies and cut a window in one of the cookies so that I could showcase my gumpaste Snowman…then I stood the 2 pieces of sugar cookie up to resemble an open book and secured them to my cake board with royal icing, ohh what would we do without royal icing at Christmas time….. once setup I covered them in white buttercream icing to give the look of snow….. I then added a gumpaste santa that is taking a break from delivering Christmas gifts so he is sitting back having some tasty snow cookies which the snowman is very busy making and selling…lol. The christmas tree is gumpaste and cut from a cookie cutter and small squares of gumpaste give the look of presents under the tree…and the snow cookies are just snowballs in a basket all made from gumpaste. I had the best time sharing with all my members how to create this adorable Cookie Scene that would make a great Centerpiece for the Holidays…..

This project is also something that I am sure the children would have a blast making and adding their own special touches. I hope that you enjoyed seeing my latest creation and I pray that all is well with you and your household this holiday season…. May you be Blessed!!!!!!!




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