Decorating Christmas Cookies with the Family and some great Friends

25 Dec

Last weekend me and the family got together to do our yearly tradition of decorating Christmas Cookies together…this year we had some of my cousins join us as well as my sons good friends from school. We had the time of our lives and this day will be one that I will forever remember! I love nothing better than to hang out with family and friends, to me there is just nothing better! For some of those who joined us for Cookie Decorating this was their very first time decorating cookies and I feel that they truly did a great job!! I worked all morning preparing my favorite sugar cookie recipe,  my homemade Cream Cheese recipe,  I also whippped up some poured fondant which is soo tasty on Cookies and  we also used Royal Icing too!  With lots of colored sprinkles and some pretty colored sugars we got busy decorating christmas cookies, ohh and eating a few in the process, lol.

Below are some of the photos from our fantastic day of Decorating Sugar Cookies 2009 ….I just love sharing photos with all of you so I hope that you enjoy looking at all of our them!!!!


Top Row….Mike D, Andy, Evan, Jake

Bottom Row…..Scott, Me  Jeff, Ryan

Me and my Cousin Greg he is sooo Cute isn’t he!!! 

Mike, Andy, Evan, Jake

Scott, Me, Jeff, Ryan


Scott, Andy and my Cousin Sue

Ohhh my gosh that table is such a mess…I will say the kitchen was a nightmare to clean up when we were finished..thanks to my mommy for cleaning it all up for me, I was soo wore out I did not have the energy to clean it up after working on everything all day long.

Evan, Andy and Jake


My cousin Kelly, She is into those Cookies


A little Chatting and Cookie Eating!!!


Jake with his Character Cookie that he decorated…he is soo proud!!


Me and my Favorite Cousin Sue


Me with my cousins Rachel, Kelly, and Rhonda


My mom Checking in on the Boys decorating their cookies


Evan and Andy working away on cookies!


Evan in a serious conversation here!


The following pics are some of the cookies the boys decorated!!


My little Gingerbread Cookie I did…he is soo cute!


Some of my other cookies


More cookies done by the kids!


Cookies my cousins decorated


My son Ryan’s cookie


My large cucake cookie!!

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