Clay Baby Carriage Cake Topper

8 Aug

Clay Baby CarriageI was asked to do a baby shower cake recently and then create a baby carriage cake topper. Instead of using gumpaste as I normally do she wanted me to create a cake topper that could be kept forever as a memory of her first grand child.

I have made some small things out of clay in the past but never a full-blown cake topper so this was a new world to venture into for me. I must say I really loved working with the clay it was soo much different from using gumpaste but before I knew it I was well on my way to creating what looked like a baby buggy. The nice part was that I was able to create the base of the carriage and bake it so that it would hold the top part without any problems. Had that been created with gumpaste it would have been a bit of a nightmare.

I created a blanket and pillow to go inside of the baby carriage and she also wanted a pink elephant as well. It took several days to create the baby carriage and I must say that it turned out better than I thought it would.



3 Responses to “Clay Baby Carriage Cake Topper”

  1. Gabriela Garcia October 18, 2012 at 2:48 am #

    How much is your Clay Baby Carriage Cake Topper? It is EXACTLY what i’m looking for up to and including the baby elephant 🙂 I live in California, and the event date is October 28th. Not sure if it’s too late 😦

    • The Sugar Lane October 26, 2012 at 3:23 am #

      Hello Gabriela I thank you but I do not sell my figures at this time, the baby carriage was hand made from clay and took 3 wks to create. Sorry I could not be of more help to you!


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