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Country Wedding Cake with Burlap

3 Aug

My son got married in May and of course I did the wedding cake along with many other things….whew it was such a busy time to deal with all the things that had to be done and on top of it I had to get this cake done. Thankfully my soon to be daughter in law wanted a simple wedding cake since she is not like most brides these days who want fondant and all the bling….boy was I grateful for that!!! Their wedding was at a barn which was so cool and it turned out to be so pretty in the end. I loved it and they loved it which is most important.

I went to Michaels Crafts and purchased a block of wood from a tree which still had the bark on it and that was going to be the base for the cake….then I planned to use burlap around each layer of cake….and the cake itself was white cake with raspberry filling for 2 of the layers and one with Red Velvet cake and everything iced in Buttercream. I also did all the flowers too, which was so much fun, since I always love working with flowers. I also made the decorations for the reception too and had a blast working with burlap, and chalkboard paint on different surfaces.

I will share pics of the wedding with ya so you can see some of my creations…..









We did Choc dipped Pretzels for the wedding favors, we made these look like a tux and a wedding dress and put them in cellophane with a sticker thanking the guests for joining us for the wedding.





















Brides Bouquet









Bridesmaids Bouquets










These are the bulk flowers I ordered from They were delivered 2 days before the wedding I put them in buckets and then made table arrangements, bouquets and so on. I would so use same club for bulk flowers AGAIN they were beautiful flowers and I kept them alive for over a week after the wedding…great way to save money!!












The table all set up












The cake I made for the wedding









I created this for the kids












My son and daughter in law….they look so cute!!


How to Create Oreo CupCakes

23 Jan

There is nothing like a great cupcake, and even better there is nothing like a great Oreo Cupcake so I decided to bake up some easy, quick cupcakes that everyone will love.

Start off with your favorite cake recipe, or your can even use a cake mix from a box such as those made by Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines or Pillsbury.

Prepare your cake mix as directed…..I am using a Duncan Hines White Cake Mix

You will need some oreo cookies, you can get the regular sized cookies or the little mini’s which I must say are just too cute. Those who know me, know that I LOVE, LOVE anything that is mini in size…..I have all sorts of collections that are mini in size such as all those cute little Tupperware mini’s, omg I just love them…..hehe can you tell I love mini’s?? If you don’t know what Tupperware mini’s are I will post a pic here which is very off topic but since I love them I will share the pic of them I got off of ebay……most are keychains and are too cute, I have some like these but just noticed there are many I don’t have as of yet…..hmmm may need to do a little ebaying later, anyway back to whats important CUPCAKES! Sorry I got off topic!!! 🙂

Now as I said you need some Oreo Cookies……….Regular sized cookies or the mini’s it does not matter we are going to crush them up.


Place a handful of the mini cookies in a sandwich baggie (if your using the large cookies I would use about 6 of them) and place a cloth on top of the baggie then use a hammer to crush the cookies. Its up to you how small you want the cookie pieces to be I like to leave small chunks since this will be placed into the cake batter.


Pour your crushed cookies into your cake batter and fold them into the batter as not to mix too much.


This is what your batter should look like once you fold the cookies into your batter. You can see some of the small chunks which will taste so good when biting into the cupcake…..yummm!


Place your cupcake liner papers into a cupcake pan and spoon your batter into the cupcake papers.


Looking into my oven my cupcakes are baking nicely and beginning to rise….ohh I cannot wait to taste them!


Cupcakes are cooling….I usually wait a few hours before I ice them!

cupcakes 014

I am using my favorite Buttercream Icing Recipe for these cupcakes which can be found here…..

Here is my Buttercream Icing all set to go….Now its time to add some icing to my Oreo Cupcakes!

cupcakes 017

I used a wilton bag and icing tip number 6B which is a large icing tip….I like to just pop it inside the bottom of the icing bag since I will not be changing tips…..if you were going to change tips then you would also use a large coupler in the bottom of your icing bag. recent 024 - Copy

I just do a simple swirl on top of the cupcake, nothing major…..its all about being simple here!

Once iced, pop a mini oreo on top of the cupcake to finish off the look, if you used the regular sized oreos then use a half of the cookie to put on the top of your cupcake. IMG_0463

Now its time to sit and enjoy one of these awesome Oreo Cupcakes, ohhh soo good if I don’t say so myself!

Fondant Dress Baby Shower Cake

15 May


Here is a cake that I did last fall for my cousin Tanya, her daughter was having a girl so I was excited to be able to do a girly cake. I do apologize the photo quality is not the best to say the least. I had forgotten to take a photo before I placed the cake covering lid on it.

 The cake was a half sheet (9 X 13) covered in buttercream icing.
Several years ago I took a baby’s sun dress and created a template to use for making fondant dresses on cakes, there have been times the template has been too large for the size of the cake I was doing, in that situation I just modified the size of the template to fit the cake. I now have 3 different sized baby dress templates. I use these templates to create the baby dress out of fondant and the put some embellishments on the dress. Honestly this is one of those quick cake ideas that you can literally throw together when you get that last minute order or a family member needs a cake. Since the shoes take the most time you could use something else instead of adding them to the cake to save time. A great idea is to use some lollipop molds made for babies to make some fondant decorations to add to the cake, maybe a baby rattle or some other little toy to complete the look of this quick baby shower cake.  The baby shoes were made out of gumpaste which works much better since I needed them to really harden and setup. Using fondant for the baby shoes would not have worked so well since it does not harden up as well as gumpaste does of course!

How to make your fondant shiny as well as other fondant pieces……..

1 Nov

I get lots of questions on how to make a fondant piece such as a bow or other design that will be added to a cake or even a figurine, appear shiny… I wanted to share what I use to make my pieces shiny since there are so many who are interested in this info…….I have used the method of boiling water in a pot on the stove and hold my fondant piece, bow, flower and such over the steam for a few seconds to add a nice shine to my pieces and this does work great for sugar flowers and other small fondant pieces.

I have also used spray pam which I spray the pan on my fondant and I give it time to soak in a bit then wipe it evenly with a papertowel to get an even look on my cakes, and on my pieces too. Now there are other products on the market that work great at adding a shine to your fondant work with great results and I wanted to share this info with those of you who ask me all the time how to make their fondant cakes and creations shiny……Below are links and info on the lastest products that I am using to accomplish this.

I use is a product called confectioners glaze which comes in a bottle and can be applied with a paintbrush, and now they also have an edible glaze in a spray can by PME which is SOO nice to use and very simple to apply especially on my figurines, fondant covered cakes as well as any other pieces you may want a shine on!

Here are links for you to find these products that I am talking about……..

PME Edible Spray Glaze
This spray is great since I can just spray and even layer on a fondant covered cake that I want to be shiny, I use it on my figures and other fondant work that I need to be shiny.

Confectioners Glaze which is edible it comes in a bottle and is applied with a paintbrush…..This product is very sticky so it is a great idea to also purchase the thinner that they have available too…..the confectioners glaze leaves a beautiful shine on your fondant pieces as well as sugar flowers and many other things!   
Here is another link for Global sugar art which also sells the confectioners glaze and thinner

Live Call in show tonight at 7pm EDT

19 Apr

FYI….I am going to be doing another live chat on April 19th at 7pm Here is the link for all the info…. There is a chatboard you can type on but I will say that it is much easier for me if you actually call in and ask your question and we can talk live so that I do not have to type, watch the chat board and answer questions all at one time! I look forward to chatting with you, on april 19th!

If you want to call in for the show and do not want to register as a member of talkshoe… the number(724) 444-7444 then enter my call id 118935 then put in 1#. Thats all there is to it.

Making a Graduation Cap

21 Mar

I am posting this info for Sam, she is a 17 yr old who is very interested in Cake Decorating and she is going to create a Graduation Cap for her gradation this May, so I am posting a few pics to guide her in doing this, as well as anyone else who is interested!

I took a Styrofoam ball and cut it in half then covered it  in fondant as well as both side of the cardboard….if you would like for the cap to be edible, you can use rice krispy treats formed into a half ball shape instead of using Styrofoam.

Here is the Graduation Cap all assembled….to glue the pieces together, just use a paint brush with water……

This is the play doh fun factory which is an easy way to create the tassel for the graduation cap…...

Lady Bug Cake

7 Nov

Thought I would share my Lady Bug cake that I created for my niece who turned 3, she is just adorable….she gets so into helping her mom decide the theme for her party. Last yr she had a Barbie theme so I had created her a Barbie head cake like those that you could put make up on and fix the hair ( I actually had one of those as a child, and loved it). This year she had a few ideas but decided on a lady bug theme, I was in a big hurry so the cake did not turn out as best as it could, the mouth area was giving me problems but I made it work and had to get moving, I also wanted to do the eyelashes in a 3D form but did not have the time. I could literally spend ALL day on a small cake like this since I am always so into the details, my husband says I really need to do something about this and be done. He really gets soo irritated when I sit and work on each area of a cake until it is perfect. He always tell me no one is going to say, you know that cake is not perfect Donna you really need to put more time into it…..but I am just crazy about these things and not fixing the mouth on this cake almost gave me nightmares, lol. Oh well I moved on and dealt with it but to be honest my niece went crazyyyy when she saw the cake, she said it was the best ever, and of course that made me feel much better about it. I know that many of us have those times when we feel we could have done so much better on a cake but I guess we have to just know that we did our best and let it go.