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How to Create Oreo CupCakes

23 Jan

There is nothing like a great cupcake, and even better there is nothing like a great Oreo Cupcake so I decided to bake up some easy, quick cupcakes that everyone will love.

Start off with your favorite cake recipe, or your can even use a cake mix from a box such as those made by Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines or Pillsbury.

Prepare your cake mix as directed…..I am using a Duncan Hines White Cake Mix

You will need some oreo cookies, you can get the regular sized cookies or the little mini’s which I must say are just too cute. Those who know me, know that I LOVE, LOVE anything that is mini in size…..I have all sorts of collections that are mini in size such as all those cute little Tupperware mini’s, omg I just love them…..hehe can you tell I love mini’s?? If you don’t know what Tupperware mini’s are I will post a pic here which is very off topic but since I love them I will share the pic of them I got off of ebay……most are keychains and are too cute, I have some like these but just noticed there are many I don’t have as of yet…..hmmm may need to do a little ebaying later, anyway back to whats important CUPCAKES! Sorry I got off topic!!! ūüôā

Now as I said you need some Oreo Cookies……….Regular sized cookies or the mini’s it does not matter we are going to crush them up.


Place a handful of the mini cookies in a sandwich baggie (if your using the large cookies I would use about 6 of them) and place a cloth on top of the baggie then use a hammer to crush the cookies. Its up to you how small you want the cookie pieces to be I like to leave small chunks since this will be placed into the cake batter.


Pour your crushed cookies into your cake batter and fold them into the batter as not to mix too much.


This is what your batter should look like once you fold the cookies into your batter. You can see some of the small chunks which will taste so good when biting into the cupcake…..yummm!


Place your cupcake liner papers into a cupcake pan and spoon your batter into the cupcake papers.


Looking into my oven my cupcakes are baking nicely and beginning to rise….ohh I cannot wait to taste them!


Cupcakes are cooling….I usually wait a few hours before I ice them!

cupcakes 014

I am using my favorite Buttercream Icing Recipe for these cupcakes which can be found here…..

Here is my Buttercream Icing all set to go….Now its time to add some icing to my Oreo Cupcakes!

cupcakes 017

I used a wilton bag and icing tip number 6B which is a large icing tip….I like to just pop it inside the bottom of the icing bag since I will not be changing tips…..if you were going to change tips then you would also use a large coupler in the bottom of your icing bag. recent 024 - Copy

I just do a simple swirl on top of the cupcake, nothing major…..its all about being simple here!

Once iced, pop a mini oreo on top of the cupcake to finish off the look, if you used the regular sized oreos then use a half of the cookie to put on the top of your cupcake. IMG_0463

Now its time to sit and enjoy one of these awesome Oreo Cupcakes, ohhh soo good if I don’t say so myself!


Information regarding my Gumpaste Figurines

26 Feb



Bride and Groom Cake Topper


I receive literally hundreds of emails¬†each week¬†asking for prices on my figurines, since I am unable to answer each and every email due to the time it takes……I just wanted to let everyone know that at this time I am unable to sell my figurines outside of the state of Ohio due to the time that it requires to hand sculpt each one. I soooo¬†appreciate each and every one of¬†your kind comments on my work, as most of you know I LOVE what I do and have soo many ideas swimming around in my head just waiting to come to life in the form of an Edible Sugar Creation.

I have created and shipped many of my hand sculpted figurines across the United States¬†in the past but with my schedule of keeping up with the Tapings¬†of¬†¬†my How-To Videos, doing my Figurine Workshops all over the U.S., and¬†being in the middle of writing my first Book detailing how to create my Gumpaste Figurines. So with all of this along with being and wife and a mom there is just no extra time at this time….but once I get this book finished and things ease of a¬†bit I hope to be able to create a sell my hand sculpted figurines again.

I have heard from soo¬†many of you who are new to working with gumpaste¬†and creating figurines asking for my advice to getting your figurines to look just right, the key is to sit and¬†practice, practice, practice……it took me quite a while to get my creations to the point of looking some¬†what¬†normal, for quite¬†some time¬†mine literally looked like aliens. In the Book I am working on I am addressing alot¬†of the questions that I receive here on my blog and emails. The book is being created with beginners in mind as well as someone who has been creating gumpaste¬†figurines for some time. This book will be about creating people in gumpaste. I will be showing adults as well as kids since that is the most requested info I am asked about as far as creating gumpaste figurines. I will keep all of you updated as to the progress of the book, and in the meantime will be creating some great cakes and figurines along with some more free how to videos for all of my sugar friends out there!!

I hope that you are all getting through the cold…..just think spring really is not that far off and believe me I CANNOT wait!

Legalities of Baking and Selling Cakes in Ohio

2 Feb


Many often ask me questions about getting started baking and selling cakes from home, and the legalities of doing so along with who to contact. I have provided all the information that is available for the state of Ohio, but those in other states you will have to research and find the laws for your particular area.  

  There are many laws when it comes to creating food products for the public. Some states require you to have a license to do cakes from your home, they may require a commercial kitchen which is inspected by the local health dept. Some states may allow you to bake certain kinds of things from your home without a license.   

Not all states are created¬†equal when it comes to Baking from Home…..It is your responsibility¬†to find out the laws in your particular state regarding¬†baking and selling cakes from your home. To begin your research about the laws in your states for those interested in home baking you can contact your local Health Dept. or the Dept. of Agriculture.¬†¬†

Here in Ohio you can bake and sell cakes from home as long as you don’t create cakes or pies that could spoil, it’s actually called the Cottage Food Regulations. You are permitted¬†to bake non-potentially hazardous baked goods in your home and sell them anywhere in Ohio as long as they are properly labeled. Non-potentially hazardous baked goods include baked goods that do not need refrigeration to keep them from spoiling such as cheese cakes and cream pies. Regular cakes and cookies do¬†fall under the Cottage Foods Regulations. You must label¬†everything that you sell from your home, I have included the Factsheet from the Dept of Agriculture on this subject for those in Ohio who want all the details!!¬†¬†

For further information contact,  

Ohio Dept of Agriculture and Food Safety/  

8995 E. Main St  

Reynoldsburg, OH 43068  



Below is the Factsheet regarding all the details of Baking and Selling Cakes from Home to the Public within the State of Ohio……..

 Ohio Department of Agriculture РUpdated as of June 22, 2009 


¬†A “Cottage Food Production Operation” is defined in Chapter 3715 of the Ohio Revised Code to mean a person who,¬†¬†

“Home” means the primary residence occupied by the residence’s owner, on the condition that the residence contains¬†only one stove or oven used for cooking, which may be a double oven, designed for common residence usage and not for commercial usage, and that the stove or oven be operated in an ordinary kitchen within the residence.¬†¬†

in the person’s home, produces food items that are not potentially hazardous foods, including bakery products, jams, jellies, candy, fruit butter, and similar products specified in the rule. These foods must be labeled properly or they will be considered misbranded or adulterated.

Manufactured for Sale or Distribution by a Cottage Food Production Operation? to be are PermittedWhat Foods


Bakery products (such as cookies, breads, brownies, cakes, pies, etc.); candy (including no-bake cookies, chocolate covered pretzels or similar chocolate covered non-perishable items); jams; jellies and fruit butter as defined in Chapter 3715 of the Ohio Revised Code. 


The new cottage food rule has expanded allowable products to include: granola, granola bars, granola bars dipped in candy; popcorn, flavored popcorn, kettle corn, popcorn balls, caramel corn; unfilled baked donuts; waffle cones; pizzelles; dry cereal and nut snack mixes with seasonings; roasted coffee, whole beans or ground; dry baking mixes in a jar, including cookie mix in a jar; dry herbs and herb blends; dry seasoning blends; and dry tea blends.  

What Foods are Not Allowed to be Manufactured for Sale or Distribution by a Cottage Food Production Operation? 


A “Cottage Food Production Operation” is¬†


not permitted to process acidified foods, low-acid canned foods, potentially hazardous foods or non-potentially hazardous foods not listed above

. Low acid food means any food with a finished equilibrium pH greater than 4.6 and a water activity greater than 0.85. Acidified food means a low acid food to which acids or acid foods are added (Ex. Beans, cucumbers, cabbage, puddings, etc.). Potentially hazardous food means it requires temperature control because it is in a form capable of supporting the rapid and progressive growth of infectious or toxigenic microorganisms (Ex. Raw or cooked animal products, cooked vegetables, garlic in oil, cheese cakes, pumpkin pies, custard pies, cream pies, etc.). What are the Requirements for the Labeling of Cottage Food Products? 


A “Cottage Food Production Operation” is required to label all of their food products and include the following information on the label of each unit of food product offered or distributed for sale:¬†


1. The name and address of the business of the “Cottage Food Production Operation”;¬†¬†

2. The name of the food product;  

3. The ingredients of the food product, in descending order of predominance by weight;  

4. The net weight or net volume of the food product;  

5. The following statement in ten-point type:  

“This Product is Home Produced.” Note: If a nutritional claim is made¬†(i.e. low fat, salt free, etc.) federal labeling requirements must be¬†met. Specific food labeling information is available at the ODA¬†web site:¬†


Allergen labeling must be followed as specified in the federal labeling requirements.  

What Does the Statement “This Product is Home Produced” Mean?¬†


in a private home that is not subject to inspection by a food regulatory authority. was producedThe statement means that the food product


Where may Cottage Food Production Operations Sell Their Food Products? 


Cottage Food Products may 

only be sold in Ohio. Cottage Food Products that are properly identified and labeled may be sold directly to the consumer from the site where the products are produced; sold through grocery stores, farm markets, farmers markets; and sold and/or used in preparing food in a restaurant.


Does A Cottage Food Production Operation Need to Acquire a License to Process and Package Food Products?  

or adulterated.¬†is misbranded¬†if a food product determineNo. A “Cottage Food Production Operation” is exempt from inspection and licensing by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. However, all food products, including those produced and packaged by “Cottage Food Production Operations”, are subject to food sampling conducted by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to




Contact ODA Division of Food Safety: 1-800-282-1955 Ext 4366;  


Fondant Frog and Piggy Character Booties

18 Jan

I was just playing with some fondant one evening and came up with what I am calling Character Booties. I think they turned out soo cute, I just made the bootie part and attached the animal heads and legs on to finish the look, I am going to use them as cupcake toppers for a baby shower.

Snowmen Cupcake Toppers

8 Dec

I am soo excited to share with all of you…my sugar friends my latest creation, they are my adorable snowmen cupcake toppers that are just too cute to eat!¬† My Snowmen fondant toppers can be made to match any theme or decor for that special Holiday Celebration. They are so cute sitting on a soft base of sweet buttercream icing…..I will post pictures¬†of them sitting on cupcakes for you to see a little later!

Join Donna for a Christmas Themed Figurine Workshop in Columbus Ohio

26 Sep

There is nothing like creating a Gumpaste Figurine Cake Topper that tells a story and now you get the opportunity to join me for a workshop where we will be creating a Christmas themed Sugar Figurine that Tells a Story of the most exciting time of the year! Photos of the piece that we will be creating together will be posted very soon…I will give you a hint, a little girl, a friend amd more!

I will be doing the 2 day Workshop on November 14-15 2009 from 10:00 am to 4 pm  in the Columbus Ohio area for those who are interested in joining me for 2 days of sugar sculpting, food and fun!


Here are the details for the 2 day workshop with me!

Where: Columbus Ohio

When: Nov. 14-15 2009

Price: $245

Deposit: $50 due immediately

Lunch will be provided for you!

I will be providing Gumpaste for all attendees

A supply list will be emailed to you.

For questions email me at

¬†Click the Buy Now Button to pay your deposit via paypal for the the Columbus Ohio Workshop…you will then need to pay the remaining balance by Nov.1st 2009

As you can imagine there are only a very few seats left at this time so be sure to get signed up immediately!!!!

                                        Buy Now Click here to sign up for the workshop with Donna

Happy Mothers Day

10 May

Happy Mothers Day to all of you awesome Moms out there, I hope today was one of those days that your were shown just how much you are appreciated for ALLL you do everyday in life!

In celebration of Mothers Day I created a Cupcake Bouquet for Mothers Day that is just adorable with all of the cupakes being iced to look like flowers.