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How to make your fondant shiny as well as other fondant pieces……..

1 Nov

I get lots of questions on how to make a fondant piece such as a bow or other design that will be added to a cake or even a figurine, appear shiny… I wanted to share what I use to make my pieces shiny since there are so many who are interested in this info…….I have used the method of boiling water in a pot on the stove and hold my fondant piece, bow, flower and such over the steam for a few seconds to add a nice shine to my pieces and this does work great for sugar flowers and other small fondant pieces.

I have also used spray pam which I spray the pan on my fondant and I give it time to soak in a bit then wipe it evenly with a papertowel to get an even look on my cakes, and on my pieces too. Now there are other products on the market that work great at adding a shine to your fondant work with great results and I wanted to share this info with those of you who ask me all the time how to make their fondant cakes and creations shiny……Below are links and info on the lastest products that I am using to accomplish this.

I use is a product called confectioners glaze which comes in a bottle and can be applied with a paintbrush, and now they also have an edible glaze in a spray can by PME which is SOO nice to use and very simple to apply especially on my figurines, fondant covered cakes as well as any other pieces you may want a shine on!

Here are links for you to find these products that I am talking about……..

PME Edible Spray Glaze
This spray is great since I can just spray and even layer on a fondant covered cake that I want to be shiny, I use it on my figures and other fondant work that I need to be shiny.

Confectioners Glaze which is edible it comes in a bottle and is applied with a paintbrush…..This product is very sticky so it is a great idea to also purchase the thinner that they have available too…..the confectioners glaze leaves a beautiful shine on your fondant pieces as well as sugar flowers and many other things!   
Here is another link for Global sugar art which also sells the confectioners glaze and thinner

Making a Graduation Cap

21 Mar

I am posting this info for Sam, she is a 17 yr old who is very interested in Cake Decorating and she is going to create a Graduation Cap for her gradation this May, so I am posting a few pics to guide her in doing this, as well as anyone else who is interested!

I took a Styrofoam ball and cut it in half then covered it  in fondant as well as both side of the cardboard….if you would like for the cap to be edible, you can use rice krispy treats formed into a half ball shape instead of using Styrofoam.

Here is the Graduation Cap all assembled….to glue the pieces together, just use a paint brush with water……

This is the play doh fun factory which is an easy way to create the tassel for the graduation cap…...

Purchase my new Fuzzy the Bear Tutorial

22 Dec


You can now purchase my new tutorial which will take you through the steps to create Fuzzy the Bear. This tutorial has color photos detailing each step, as well as some great info on fondant, gumpaste and so on. the price is $12.99 until Jan 1st 2012 and then it will go back to $14.99. For more info go to

Join me…In Cols. OH for a Figurine Class

14 Sep

For those who may be interested, I will be teaching a Figurine Class  at the Columbus, Ohio ICES,  Day of Sharing on Saturday Sept. 24th

Here is a photo of what I will be teaching…… this adorable little girl eating cookies, called ” The Cookie Jar”.

 For additional info regarding class time, cost and to sign up for the class here is the link…….

I do hope that some of you who have been asking for me to do a class will be able to attend……….I look forward to finally meeting  you in person. We will have a great time, and I will get to show in person how to do some of the more important aspects of creating figurines in person which makes it soo much easier when you see it done in person. Soo excited, cannot wait!!!

“The Cookie Jar”


In addition, I will be doing a demo on Sunday for all of those who plan to attend the Day of Sharing. My demo will show how I created my “Bruty Buckeye Guy”.  Here is a photo of him….many have asked for yrs how to create him, so I will finally get the opportunity to show just how its done!

“Bruty Buckeye Guy”


For those of you who are newer to cake decorating you may be wondering what ICES means, well it is the International Cake Exploration Society and let me tell you if you have the opportunity to sign up with your local Ices chapter, it is a great way to join a group of cake decorators that you can share with and learn from. I have not met a better group of people who are soo willing to share their tips, techniques and answer those cake questions we have all had. For additional info for the Ices chapter in your area check out this link…..

Shoebox Cake and Zebra Print High Heel Sugar Shoe

6 May


I recently made a Shoe Box Cake along with a Gum Paste High Heel with a Zebra Print decoration…..this was a fun cake to create and the first time that I created a zebra print shoe. I made this cake for a very good friend of mine who has been going through some tough times in life and I was so excited to make a cake that was all about her. She is one of those people that loves shoes!!!  I created a label for the shoe box from my edible printer and attached to the end of the cake. To add a little pizzazz to the box shape I decided to add edible sugar diamonds across the front side of the cake and I think that it turned out pretty cute. There were some areas on the cake that I was not too happy with but overall I guess it isn’t too bad. To create the zebra print….I rolled out black Satin Ice Fondant and took an exacto knife to cut squiggly lines and placed those shapes into place on the shoe which you can see in the pics that I have attached.

I purchased the edible sugar diamonds at for those who are interested……

Shoebox Cake With Sugar ShoeGumpaste Zebra Print High Heel


Kerry Vincent Bear

28 Oct

Just wanted to share one of my latest Figurines with you….I created this Bear for an online contest to create a bear after The great Sugar Artist Kerry Vincent that is a Judge on the Food Networks Challenge Show. I put a white chefs jacket on the bear similar to the one that Kerry wears and created a miniature cake to look like something Kerry would make……I loved creating this bear and feel that it turned out great!!

Learn to create Gumpaste Arms, Hands and Fingers

14 Sep

In this how to video I take you through the steps to showing how simple it is to create realistic looking gumpaste Arms, Hands and Fingers for your Gumpaste/Fondant Figurines…….

Video will be posted very soon!!