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Country Wedding Cake with Burlap

3 Aug

My son got married in May and of course I did the wedding cake along with many other things….whew it was such a busy time to deal with all the things that had to be done and on top of it I had to get this cake done. Thankfully my soon to be daughter in law wanted a simple wedding cake since she is not like most brides these days who want fondant and all the bling….boy was I grateful for that!!! Their wedding was at a barn which was so cool and it turned out to be so pretty in the end. I loved it and they loved it which is most important.

I went to Michaels Crafts and purchased a block of wood from a tree which still had the bark on it and that was going to be the base for the cake….then I planned to use burlap around each layer of cake….and the cake itself was white cake with raspberry filling for 2 of the layers and one with Red Velvet cake and everything iced in Buttercream. I also did all the flowers too, which was so much fun, since I always love working with flowers. I also made the decorations for the reception too and had a blast working with burlap, and chalkboard paint on different surfaces.

I will share pics of the wedding with ya so you can see some of my creations…..









We did Choc dipped Pretzels for the wedding favors, we made these look like a tux and a wedding dress and put them in cellophane with a sticker thanking the guests for joining us for the wedding.





















Brides Bouquet









Bridesmaids Bouquets










These are the bulk flowers I ordered from They were delivered 2 days before the wedding I put them in buckets and then made table arrangements, bouquets and so on. I would so use same club for bulk flowers AGAIN they were beautiful flowers and I kept them alive for over a week after the wedding…great way to save money!!












The table all set up












The cake I made for the wedding









I created this for the kids












My son and daughter in law….they look so cute!!


A little update……….

25 Jul

Many of you have emailed and asked if I am ok since I have not posted in a while and I want to thank those who emailed! Things have been very busy in my world since the beginning of spring, my youngest son graduated high school in May so with that came LOTS of things for me to contend with as you all know. I am just happy to know that all those things that I worked so hard on are behind me now and life has settled down just a bit. Having kids no matter what age they are means things are always rocking in our house, lol. I must admit I am not too happy with all the changes that have entered my life over the past few months. I am so proud that my youngest son is finished with high school but now it is time for the college thing and that brings another set of decisions to iron out so to speak.

Then out of left field my older son was making plans of his own that I had no clue about, until the hubby comes to me and says, you know that Ryan is looking at apartments and planning on moving out very soon….you could have knocked me over with a feather, I was just floored by that news. I know that there are lots of parents that look forward to the day that their kids leave the nest but I have never been one of those people. I guess maybe I am one of those Mom’s who would bribe them by adding a wing on to the house so that they would never leave me. As you can imagine I have been bombarded with sooo many different emotions. Good and Bad!  On one hand we raised him to be able to go out and make it in this world, but on the other hand you just pray that the dreaded day never comes for a long time. HOWEVER that time has come and I must deal with it whether I want to or not since he just found out he and his fiance got the apartment…..NOOOOOO!!!  I am soo very proud of him, he has done everything that me and his dad taught him and now the time has come for him to leave the nest which I honestly understand but it is NOT going to be easy for me and I plan to take out some stock in tissues since I seem to be using lots of them lately….lol I guess you could say there is alot of crying in my icing going on in my world. I know that I will be fine but I realize this is the beginning of change for me and my oldest son. I trust that he is ready to get a place on his own, but It will take me some getting used to.

The only way that I will be able to deal with all these changes going on is to make more cakes and sugar flowers, when the going gets tough for me I immerse myself in what I do best and that is cake decorating. On top of all this my little buddy Teddy,  a 7 yr old Chihuahua who is my world started having alot of seizures, and some other issues so I had to take him in for lots of tests and they found that he has a bad disc in his lower neck and degenerative disc disease in his lower back so he is in pain. Thankfully he has responded well to pain meds and the seizures we have come to figure out are due to an allergy to cheese, so no more cheese for Teddy! I thought I would share a photo of  Teddy, he is soo adorable!!



Then finally, things began to settle so I thought, hahaha……..Until I started getting these blisters on my back and with them came some ugly pain. I did not understand what all this was so after a trip to the doctor I found out that I had Shingles, my doctor asked, ” have you been under alot of stress lately” and I told her well I guess that is the statement of the day for sure.  I had people in my life over the yrs who had shingles and never really understood what it truly meant well now I have a totally different view and feel for anyone who ever has to endure such pain, it is something that you never forget that is for sure! So I am now focusing on being stress free and getting better. I hope that all of you out there in the cake world are doing well and that you are enjoying the summer months along with taking the time to make some great memories with those you love!

I wish you all my best and hope that you are trying some new cake decorating techniques!

Join me for a live chat and get the chance to ask me a cake or figure question!!

12 Mar

Hello all…..Got some awesome info for you!!

There are soo many who love making figures but have many issues so I have decided to start a show where you can call in a chat with me live and ask me cake decorating or figure making questions. Hopefully this will be of help to all of those who email me and are having soo many issues with their fondant, gumpaste and so on. The live call in chat will be on March 21st, 2012 at 6pm eastern time here in the United States.  I will answer any questions that I can, please know that I do not know everything but will do my best to help all those I can. The show will be 2 hrs long so that I can help as many as possible. I plan to do these chats with the public once a month. I am very excited to be able to do this for everyone….

I have had many ask if there was any way that I would ever do a chat so they can ask questions and finally I have everything figured out and found a great way to be able to do this. I am sure the first few times we start this it will be a little confusing but I know that things will smooth out and we will get used to how things work pretty quick! I look forward to talking with you and hope that you will be able to join me.

FYI….To make things as fair as possible we will need to limit the questions to one question per caller, so please have your question ready so that things will flow as smooth as possible. After your question has been answered you can get back in the que to ask another question, but be aware that we will stop promptly after 2 hrs which would be 8pm eastern time in the United States.

 March 21st, 2012 at 6pm eastern time here in the United States

We will be holding the chat over at a site called Talkshoe I have provided the link for you below!

I will do my best to get to as many peoples questions as possible during the call!!

The chat will be held at

Call 1-724-444-7444 the day and time of the chat and enter my show ID which is 118935 and then press the # key

If you do want to ask a question you will have to press 8 and the * key to put yourself in line to ask a question

Just a quick update!

14 Sep

I have not posted for a while since I took the summer and spent as much time as I could with my family. I hope that all of you had an awesome time this summer with your family or those that you have in your life that are important to you!!! I could not wait till summer arrived! Now I look up and October is peeking its head around the corner, tell me it’s not so. I love the fall but with it comes colder weather and a time in life that most of us begin to settle in for the long haul as they say. I so look forward to the holidays and such but there is nothing like the time spent with family in the summer having cookouts,  family get-togethers and for me family vacations to the beach. I love the beach, to me there is no greater place in the world for me to hang out….I love the sun, the sound of the crashing waves and most of all the walks on the beach at night looking at the stars in the sky. When I am at the Beach I feel as though I could reach out and touch God. Did I say I love the Beach….hehe

Well now I get to look forward to those cool nights sitting around a bon-fire with my family which is soo much fun. I cherish each and every moment I can with my family, you never know what tomorrow holds for sure. Make sure to live each day to the fullest. This summer a very close family friend passed away from cancer and it broke my heart to see such an awesome person leave this world. Me and my family will miss him  much, it is soo tough to know what to do with all the feelings and emotions that over take who we are when these sorts of things happen even though death is a regular part of life….to me I will never get used to loosing someone who I love! All I can do is keep his memory alive with all the great memories we created together over the years while he was alive. I must say that he (Mark) make a huge mark in this world while he was here with us….he never walked around complaining he was always an upbeat person which I think is what made the times with him soo great. If you were in a horrible mood you could not stay that way around him ever, he brought the best out of those around him for sure! Mark you will forever be in our hearts!!

I did some great projects over the summer that were a lot of  fun but I did not get to do as much as I had planned but you all know how that goes.  I hope that you are all doing well as we head into the fall season. Those of you with children, I hope that they all got back to school ok and are in the swing of things now. My youngest is in his senior yr of high school this year, it is soo hard to believe. Time just goes by faster each yr. His high school band was invited to perform at Disneyland in Orlando next spring I am soo excited about that. I know they will do a great job. My oldest son is planning to get married next yr (in the fall) so I will have a very busy year ahead planning the wedding with my soon to be daughter in-law whom I adore! Yes…I am going to be doing their cake, I thought long and hard about it and to be honest I cannot allow anyone else to do the cake for such an important day. I will have to plan things out so I don’t lose my mind that week,  haha….. The colors are going to be a dark purple color and a cream color, we have not really got into the specifics of the cake just yet but I will surely keep you all updated as to what they decide.  Who knows maybe we can tape the creation of their wedding cake, that would be fun, but I may get quite busy editing out the parts where I lose my mind….hehe. Well I guess that is all for now, just wanted to touch base and share a little of my summer with all of you.

 Have a great week!!!


Entering a cake show, my fondant animal book and some other ramblings from my world.

5 Feb

Hello to everyone out there in the wonderful world of Sugar!!!  I hope that you are doing well, and things are going as best as possible with the way things are in the world today. I have learned that I cannot worry about it all and must keep myself focused on the things that are most important. So my focus is on God, my family, friends, relationships, and my cake world….and all the rest well I refuse to allow it to stop me from being who God created me to be.

 I am working on some ideas for an upcoming cake show I want to enter…this will be my second one. I am soo stressed trying to figure out what categories to enter, then how many I should enter. Last year I entered 2 cakes and did rather well. Most importantly I need to decide what kinds of cakes I should make.  I’m not sure if you do this but when I have the opportunity to do whatever kind of cake that I want I get myself all worked up. If I could draw you a map of all the different ideas I have had in mind you would just flip, I am literally ALL over the board as they say. I think the issue is that I have soo many ideas.

I keep a notebook for cake decorating with pictures of cakes that I want to do, lists of ideas that I have come up with, and then drawings of ideas that I have had from time to time so I keep all this info together in a notebook.  Since back in the beginning I would have an idea only to let a few days pass and I could not for the life of me remember what the idea was. So that was when I decided to keep it all together in a notebook which 2 years later this thing has quite a collection of ideas. Now that I want to enter the cake show as I have said I am all over the place with ideas and I can’t seem to make a decision because there are soo many great ideas. I asked my family and boy were they alot of help, they told me whatever I decide will be great.

So this is a little of whats going on in my world right now along with making new how to videos, online tutorials and my top priority which I have been working on for some time, my book! I am so excited that I am finally almost there…I had started this project and intended it to be done last year but my computer crashed and I lost every photo that I had for the book, as you can imagine I was devastated and cried for days. I felt that maybe I was not supposed to do the book but after much encouragement from my family and of course all my great cake friends I started ALL over….ughhh what a chore. Wow putting a book together is sooo much work, I had no idea. I believe that in the end it will be worth it, there are so many that have written me and said please don’t give up on the idea, they feel that there are no other great fondant animals book on the market and are waiting for me to get mine finished. I guess I should get moving just wanted to check in with you all and give you a quick update. I have some more cake pictures to share just need to find time to get them uploaded…….

Christmas Cookie Tradition

17 Dec

Its that time of year again! I love Christmas as much as the next person and with it comes all the different traditions that many of us welcome each Christmas season. We had our day of decorating Christmas cookies and let me tell you it was a day pack full of Sugar! We started with a tasty sugar dough and began cutting out dough with our favorite cookie cutters as well as those who decided to create cookies free-handed, without the use of cookie cutters and then came several different icings. I am one of those people who like more and this tends to get m in trouble, I could have used one icing for the sugar cookies, but NOO I had to have several different ones……so everyone had to sit and watch as I pulled out my recipes and ingredients for the different icings that I like to use, included was regular buttercream which is great on sugar cookies, but I love, love cream cheese icing on sugar cookies it just goes perfect with the cookies and then I wanted to use poured fondant since the taste is divine, then finally a regular for most, royal icing!

Each year my boys look forward to decorating cookies as we have done since my oldest was 2 yrs old.  Every yr we always end up adding others to our day of decorating Christmas Cookies and this year was no different many of the boys friends joined us for our favorite Christmas Tradiiton……Jake, Andy, Mike D, and Evan. in addition my Mom joined us and boy was I grateful  for that since she jumped right in and helped me with making the icings and baking the cookies that we were creating.  I must point out that this year was a little different since we added a  new member to  the family,  that person is my son Ryan’s  fiance Casey, she is truly a gift from God and I adore her. She also jumped right in and joined us in our yearly Christmas tradition…..we truly had the time of our lives decorating Christmas Cookies together and created some great holiday memories that I will never forget. I hope you enjoy all the different holiday traditions that you and your family share together this Christmas Season!!

Below I will share some of the pics from our special day together!


Happy Holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Sugar Friends

25 Nov

Just wanted to take a minute to wish all of you and your families a very Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!! When I woke this morning I began to think of ALL the things that I am thankful for and I must say there are many things that come to mind! First off I am so grateful to have met soo many awesome sugar friends here online over the past few years. I know that I don’t post as often as I would like but as many of you know it gets so tough when you have a family to take care of along with all the many other things in our lives….Please know you are always in my thoughts, I have formed some great friendships with many of you and I truly am blessed to have you as a part of my cake world. Some of the other things I am grateful for….my awesome husband who is all that, my kids who add so much to my life, my soon to be daughter in-law, my mom who has been very sick over the past few yrs….I am soo thankful she is still here with us for another holiday season, my brothers and sisters, my best friend RJ she is heaven sent for sure, and finally for me and my family’s health, and the home over our heads!!! Enjoy all that great food today and get some much needed rest!!!