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Gumpaste Standing Figurine

12 Nov

Hello to everyone!!!

Hope that you are all doing well….Its finally here the holiday season that is, believe it or not I was in the car the other day and the radio came on when I started the car and much to my surprise I heard Rockin Around the Christmas Tree, WHHHATT  I said Christmas music already!!! I just love Christmas Music and before I knew it I was singing away Rocking around the Christmas tree, have a happy Holiday and so on I will spare you my version of internet singing, haha!!

Although I am not ready for Christmas I am so excited about all the Holiday Christmas projects that we get to do this time of the yr..I have already begun a few projects and will be posting them for you all to see like I always do.

In the meantime I created a Gumpaste standing Figurine that I thought I would share with you I hope that you enjoy seeing it, I must say it is alot of work creating figurines that are standing!!