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How to Create Oreo CupCakes

23 Jan

There is nothing like a great cupcake, and even better there is nothing like a great Oreo Cupcake so I decided to bake up some easy, quick cupcakes that everyone will love.

Start off with your favorite cake recipe, or your can even use a cake mix from a box such as those made by Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines or Pillsbury.

Prepare your cake mix as directed…..I am using a Duncan Hines White Cake Mix

You will need some oreo cookies, you can get the regular sized cookies or the little mini’s which I must say are just too cute. Those who know me, know that I LOVE, LOVE anything that is mini in size…..I have all sorts of collections that are mini in size such as all those cute little Tupperware mini’s, omg I just love them…..hehe can you tell I love mini’s?? If you don’t know what Tupperware mini’s are I will post a pic here which is very off topic but since I love them I will share the pic of them I got off of ebay……most are keychains and are too cute, I have some like these but just noticed there are many I don’t have as of yet…..hmmm may need to do a little ebaying later, anyway back to whats important CUPCAKES! Sorry I got off topic!!! ūüôā

Now as I said you need some Oreo Cookies……….Regular sized cookies or the mini’s it does not matter we are going to crush them up.


Place a handful of the mini cookies in a sandwich baggie (if your using the large cookies I would use about 6 of them) and place a cloth on top of the baggie then use a hammer to crush the cookies. Its up to you how small you want the cookie pieces to be I like to leave small chunks since this will be placed into the cake batter.


Pour your crushed cookies into your cake batter and fold them into the batter as not to mix too much.


This is what your batter should look like once you fold the cookies into your batter. You can see some of the small chunks which will taste so good when biting into the cupcake…..yummm!


Place your cupcake liner papers into a cupcake pan and spoon your batter into the cupcake papers.


Looking into my oven my cupcakes are baking nicely and beginning to rise….ohh I cannot wait to taste them!


Cupcakes are cooling….I usually wait a few hours before I ice them!

cupcakes 014

I am using my favorite Buttercream Icing Recipe for these cupcakes which can be found here…..

Here is my Buttercream Icing all set to go….Now its time to add some icing to my Oreo Cupcakes!

cupcakes 017

I used a wilton bag and icing tip number 6B which is a large icing tip….I like to just pop it inside the bottom of the icing bag since I will not be changing tips…..if you were going to change tips then you would also use a large coupler in the bottom of your icing bag. recent 024 - Copy

I just do a simple swirl on top of the cupcake, nothing major…..its all about being simple here!

Once iced, pop a mini oreo on top of the cupcake to finish off the look, if you used the regular sized oreos then use a half of the cookie to put on the top of your cupcake. IMG_0463

Now its time to sit and enjoy one of these awesome Oreo Cupcakes, ohhh soo good if I don’t say so myself!


Sugar Cookie Christmas Scene makes a great Centerpiece for the Holidays

8 Dec

I taught my members how to create this Sugar Cookie Scene Centerpiece during one of my live web classes recently for my cake decorating friends over at www.cakedecoratingwithdonna.com

I baked 2 large square sugar cookies and cut a window in one of the cookies so that I could showcase my gumpaste¬†Snowman…then I stood the 2 pieces of sugar cookie up to resemble an open book and secured them to my cake board with royal icing, ohh¬†what would we do without royal icing at Christmas time….. once setup I covered them in white buttercream¬†icing to give the look of snow….. I then added a gumpaste¬†santa that is taking a break from delivering Christmas gifts so he is sitting back having some tasty snow cookies which the snowman is¬†very busy making and selling…lol. The christmas tree is gumpaste¬†and cut from a cookie cutter and small squares of gumpaste¬†give the look of presents under the tree…and the snow cookies are just snowballs in a basket all made from gumpaste.¬†I had the best time sharing with all my members how to create this adorable Cookie Scene that would make a great Centerpiece for the Holidays…..

This project¬†is also something that I am sure the children would have a blast making and adding their own special touches. I hope that you enjoyed seeing my latest creation and I pray that all is well with you and your household this holiday season…. May you be Blessed!!!!!!!



Gumpaste Sock Monkey

27 Oct

Growing up I had a sock monkey which I loved!! However over the yrs I have tried to remember what happened to that thing and cannot for the life of me figure out what happened to it! I recently decided I would try my hand at creating one out of gumpaste and below is a picture of what I ended up with……


Making a baby blanket from a Patchwork Cutter how to video

9 Oct

Here is a new how to video that I posted to youtube showing how to create a baby blanket from a patchwork cutter, I hope that you enjoy learning how to create this project!!!






My new website www.gumpastefigurine.com

27 Aug


Learn to create this Bumble Bee Figurine on dvd at http://www.gumpastefigurine.com104_9067 copy


I recently created a new website for those who are interested in purchasing my how to videos on dvd. The website is www.gumpastefigurine.com  this website is all about gumpaste figurines of course, and I have many of my pictures posted over there as well as gumpaste and fondant info for those who are just getting started in created figurines. If you have any questions as always just let me know and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I hope that you are all enjoying the summer as it is quickly coming to an end which I must say just makes me so sad, I do not want to see winter just yet. I love the fall months it truly is my favorite time of the year but it just does not last long enough. I have already strated¬†thinking about what it is I plan to create for the upcoming holidays…I cannot believe it is almost here when you think about it we only have less than 4 months left in the year of 2009 wow where did all the time go this year. It seems as though it was just spring, and now here we are approaching the month of september. As much as hate to see winter I just Love the holiday season as most of you do too! I love the baking¬† and creating. This year with my cake decorating teching¬†site I get to share how to videos with my members ¬†for the upcoming halloween¬†and christmas season. I know it will be alot¬†of fun sharing with them how to create figurines and cake projects that are perfect for halloween¬†as well as christmas so I do have all of that to look forward to.¬†As always I will share all of my photos and such with all of you as I do them. ¬†Most of all I know that the holdiay¬†season means family time and that is the most important part to me. I look forward to all the get togethers and the memories that will be created with the holiday season.

I hope and pray that 2010 will be a much better year for our economy and all those who have had to deal with some very tough times over the past few years. The most important thing is to remain positive about all of it and don’t allow it to steal your joy!!! It is so easy to watch the news channels and get all wrapped up in the issues I have found that listening to all the negatives things sometimes causes me to get a little down so I have learned to stay away from it.¬†I figure all I need to know is the basics. After many years I now know that if I say things are going to be bad they usually are so I now say things are getting better and better in my life and you know what they do! The things you say have a huge impact on your life so as a little experiment over the next week start watching what you say out of your mouth, watch and see how it really does impact how things in your life are effected! That saying you have what you say is soo¬†true! If the entire world got more postive about our economy and the things in life could you image how much impact it would have on the world we all live in!!!! I am going to start speaking great things for my life in 2010…It is going to be the best year of my life!

Well I have to run for now but will check in with all of you a little later, have a blessed weekend, it’s going to be a good one!!


Mini Dress Cake on a Gumpaste Hanger

21 Aug

I created this mini dress cake recently and what alot of fun it was. You can do so many great designs on the dress which is the greatest thing that I love about cake decorating. If you want to do a simple look you can just cover the dress area with buttercream, then if you want to get really fancy you can do that by covering in fondant and adding flowers, pearls and the many other things that are available.


Miniature Dress Cake

Fondant Teddy Bear Baby Shower Cake

16 Jun

Created this cake for Baby Shower, the Teddy Bear was sculpted from fondant and the cake covered in my homemade Buttercream icing made to look like a baby blanket pattern by using a rag roller on the icing.