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Information regarding my Gumpaste Figurines

26 Feb



Bride and Groom Cake Topper


I receive literally hundreds of emails each week asking for prices on my figurines, since I am unable to answer each and every email due to the time it takes……I just wanted to let everyone know that at this time I am unable to sell my figurines outside of the state of Ohio due to the time that it requires to hand sculpt each one. I soooo appreciate each and every one of your kind comments on my work, as most of you know I LOVE what I do and have soo many ideas swimming around in my head just waiting to come to life in the form of an Edible Sugar Creation.

I have created and shipped many of my hand sculpted figurines across the United States in the past but with my schedule of keeping up with the Tapings of  my How-To Videos, doing my Figurine Workshops all over the U.S., and being in the middle of writing my first Book detailing how to create my Gumpaste Figurines. So with all of this along with being and wife and a mom there is just no extra time at this time….but once I get this book finished and things ease of a bit I hope to be able to create a sell my hand sculpted figurines again.

I have heard from soo many of you who are new to working with gumpaste and creating figurines asking for my advice to getting your figurines to look just right, the key is to sit and practice, practice, practice……it took me quite a while to get my creations to the point of looking some what normal, for quite some time mine literally looked like aliens. In the Book I am working on I am addressing alot of the questions that I receive here on my blog and emails. The book is being created with beginners in mind as well as someone who has been creating gumpaste figurines for some time. This book will be about creating people in gumpaste. I will be showing adults as well as kids since that is the most requested info I am asked about as far as creating gumpaste figurines. I will keep all of you updated as to the progress of the book, and in the meantime will be creating some great cakes and figurines along with some more free how to videos for all of my sugar friends out there!!

I hope that you are all getting through the cold…..just think spring really is not that far off and believe me I CANNOT wait!


Gumpaste Sock Monkey

27 Oct

Growing up I had a sock monkey which I loved!! However over the yrs I have tried to remember what happened to that thing and cannot for the life of me figure out what happened to it! I recently decided I would try my hand at creating one out of gumpaste and below is a picture of what I ended up with……


My new website www.gumpastefigurine.com

27 Aug


Learn to create this Bumble Bee Figurine on dvd at http://www.gumpastefigurine.com104_9067 copy


I recently created a new website for those who are interested in purchasing my how to videos on dvd. The website is www.gumpastefigurine.com  this website is all about gumpaste figurines of course, and I have many of my pictures posted over there as well as gumpaste and fondant info for those who are just getting started in created figurines. If you have any questions as always just let me know and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I hope that you are all enjoying the summer as it is quickly coming to an end which I must say just makes me so sad, I do not want to see winter just yet. I love the fall months it truly is my favorite time of the year but it just does not last long enough. I have already strated thinking about what it is I plan to create for the upcoming holidays…I cannot believe it is almost here when you think about it we only have less than 4 months left in the year of 2009 wow where did all the time go this year. It seems as though it was just spring, and now here we are approaching the month of september. As much as hate to see winter I just Love the holiday season as most of you do too! I love the baking  and creating. This year with my cake decorating teching site I get to share how to videos with my members  for the upcoming halloween and christmas season. I know it will be alot of fun sharing with them how to create figurines and cake projects that are perfect for halloween as well as christmas so I do have all of that to look forward to. As always I will share all of my photos and such with all of you as I do them.  Most of all I know that the holdiay season means family time and that is the most important part to me. I look forward to all the get togethers and the memories that will be created with the holiday season.

I hope and pray that 2010 will be a much better year for our economy and all those who have had to deal with some very tough times over the past few years. The most important thing is to remain positive about all of it and don’t allow it to steal your joy!!! It is so easy to watch the news channels and get all wrapped up in the issues I have found that listening to all the negatives things sometimes causes me to get a little down so I have learned to stay away from it. I figure all I need to know is the basics. After many years I now know that if I say things are going to be bad they usually are so I now say things are getting better and better in my life and you know what they do! The things you say have a huge impact on your life so as a little experiment over the next week start watching what you say out of your mouth, watch and see how it really does impact how things in your life are effected! That saying you have what you say is soo true! If the entire world got more postive about our economy and the things in life could you image how much impact it would have on the world we all live in!!!! I am going to start speaking great things for my life in 2010…It is going to be the best year of my life!

Well I have to run for now but will check in with all of you a little later, have a blessed weekend, it’s going to be a good one!!


Fondant/Gumpaste Animal Cake Toppers- Lion, Monkey, Elephant, Zebra, Giraffe

7 Apr

The love of Fondant/Gumpaste Animal Cake Toppers is just growing larger and larger around the world. I have been receiving many orders for my animals and these are my latest cake toppers that I created for a Baby Shower Cake. Each one is hand sculpted from sugar paste. They can be very time consuming, trying to get each detail for the sifferent animals. The part I love is how each one seems to have their own look and tell their own story. I hope you enjoyed looking at my little sugar animals.










Gumpaste Sculpted Animals and Figurines Are All The Rage in Cake Decorating

13 Jun







 The world of Cake Decorating has changed so much over the years. Normally when you wanted a cake you went to a bakery or your local grocery store and ordered a basic sheet cake with roses on it.  However cake decorators have changed the face of cake decorating with their skills and have taken sugar to a whole new level. Cakes now come in all shapes and sizes from cakes with a soccor ball on top to imitation designer purses. Sculpting has become one of the lastest crazes in cake decorating with cakes that are 2d, 3d and sculpted to look like the everyday things that are all around us in life. I love to scult cakes into shapes that would a person say, “Is that really a cake”.

Sculpting figurines and animals are becoming all the rage these days and are becoming one of my most requested designs for cakes. These animals and figurines are made with a sugar dough by hand sculpting. Not all cake decorators offer cakes with sculpted sugar animals and figurines but as the demand continues there will be more cake decorators willing to learn this skill. I don’t think this craze will come and go.  I believe it’s going to get bigger and bigger because of the ability to personalize cakes to reflect something that is important to someone, such as a cake showcasing a sculpted man( dad )using his power tools to cut wood for a cabinet that he is making. To a cake for mom that showcases a string of sugar pearls which is her favorite necklace and a basket of flowers that are made from sugar as well. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to using sugar dough to decorate a cake. This is so exciting, as a cake  decorator who designs cakes that tell a story, I never get tired of designing cakes with sugar dough sculpted figurines, animals and flowers.

So when deciding on your next cake design use your imagination, you don’t have to settle for a grocery store that is full of preservatives and has possibly been sitting in a freezer for up to 60 days at a time. Find a local cake decorator who specilizes in sculptured cake designs. There is nothing like presenting a cake for that next baby shower that is actually a diaper bag made from cake and everyone at the shower thinks the diaper bag is the real thing but is actually a cake made to look like a diaper bag.

The above pictures are some examples of sugar figurines that I have designed for different cakes I have made in the past.