The Wizard of Oz

21 Feb

The Wizard of OzDorothy and The ScarecrowThe LionCloseup of the Tin man 

This was one of those creations that could go on and on. My cousin Sue loves the Wizard of Oz and I knew she would love this cake for her birthday. I decided to create my own figurines from gumpaste instead of those gawd awful plastic figurines everyone uses on cakes. I had no idea just how much time it would take to sculpt Dorothy, the Tin Man, The Lion and The Scarecrow and of course Toto in a basket of out gumpaste. I would estimate it took me a week just for the figurines alone, then a day for baking the cake and the next day to decorate. I created the Emerald Castle out of pretzel sticks, covered them in fondant and them sprinkled with edible glitter. My yellow brick road did not show up very well in the photo.


2 Responses to “The Wizard of Oz”

  1. CakePanCovery May 14, 2015 at 5:00 pm #

    I really like to make brownies. Are you in the habit of making cakes yourself or simply purchase them from your


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    […] not like you can just pop them into the sink and wash them, lol! Last year I made my cousin Sue a  Wizard of Oz cake and made sugar sculptures of Dorothy, The Tin Man, The Lion, The Scare Crow and of course Toto in a […]

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